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Zin Bu the Magical Abacus is a member of the Celestial Bureaucracy who was charged with cataloging the destruction that the Player caused, reporting to the Mistress of Carnal Destruction. For the first twenty years of the Player's life, Zin Bu's job was a simple matter, but ever since the pirate attack, the damage caused by the Player increased dramatically and suddenly, to a point that the Player alone takes as many officials to follow as some wars (the Player's followers were no better – an entire department needed to be co-opted to monitor Black Whirlwind). Zin Bu was demoted to sales after failing to keep up with the sudden increase.

When the Spirit Monk entered Forest Shadow's Heaven, Zin Bu used the opportunity to confront his errant charge (even though the Player had no conception of the problem) and demanded that they assist him in reclaiming his old position by excelling at his new one. From that point on, Zin Bu was able to interact with the Spirit Monk to buy and sell goods at any time, in any place. Zin Bu eventually found great enjoyment in his new role, going so far as to admit he enjoyed being a celestial trader more than a bookkeeper. Zin Bu's opinion on the Spirit Monk's activities and events in the Jade Empire are unknown, as he would only discuss business.

Zin Bu is gained as a non-combat follower in the Forest Shadow's heaven realm and can be used to buy or sell things at any given time once he has been selected from the follower screen.

Zin Bu's prices are 25% higher than any other merchant (excluding Sweet Poison Lyn) and gems are sold back for 50% less than other merchants in the game.