Zeng Sai the Tree that Defies the Fire is an ancient warlord of the Horselords.

Personal HistoryEdit

Of all threats the young Jade Empire faced, the greatest was the barbarian warlord Zeng Sai. Titled "The Tree that Defies the Fire," Zeng Sai managed to organize the barbaric Horselords into an efficient and deadly machine of warfare, conquering much of the lands to the west and north of the Empire before coming to bear on the borders of the Jade Empire itself. Zeng Sai, whose savagery denied even the great Wall built to keep his people out, led his hungry, maddened people to attack our fledgling Empire in a rabid attempt to destroy all that would become our advanced and prosperous civilization.

So vicious and deadly was Zeng Sai's attack that it roused the insular Spirit Monks from their temple in the Land of Howling Spirits to come to the Empire's aid. Left unconquered by the devouring Horselord army, the monks of Dirge stood alongside the Empire and, in a great battle recounted by sages, playwrights, and scholars around the known world, laid waste to Zeng Sai and his ravenous army of wild bowmen. With the help of the monks from Dirge, the Empire finally burned down the Tree that Defies the Fire.


Immune to weapon styles.


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