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The slowness of this style can feel unusable at first, especially for players who have played the game with another style previously. However, this feeling of sluggishness soon passes as the player learns to adjust their sense of timing, and moreover, it only applies to the combo attack. Once mastered, it is second only to Leaping Tiger among the Martial styles. Its value lies in the enormous base damage of the combo attacks, dealing twice as much as the other styles. It also moves very smoothly into a ready stance, and makes an excellent, reliable finishing power attack from a support style when delivering a harmonic combo. Perhaps its main failing is not the perceived lack of speed, but its slightly bland aesthetics, frequently not matching very well to characters with slighter frames.

Obtaining Style[]

Location #1 Two Rivers School - Beginning style for Tiger Shen. You can also choose it at character creation when creating a custom character.

Location #2 Any Location - Purchased from Zin Bu the Magical Abacus once you've reached Chapter 3.

In-Game Description[]

Many martial artists criticize the White Demon style for being slow and ponderous, but in the hands of a true master it can be one of the deadliest martial styles of all. While it lacks the crowd-pleasing panache of faster styles, White Demon's sheer power and intimidating techniques plow through opponents like an ogre in a teahouse.


This style can complete a Harmonic Combo.