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Student Wen was a member of the Two Rivers School. Wen is from the Imperial City, which he remembers as a busy place filled with the best scholars and fighters in the world. He attended the Black Leopard School, where he studied under First Brother Kai, but was sent away from the Imperial City by his mother, who feared the growing politicisation of the time. Wen says that he felt the Imperial City was changing, and mentions that he sometimes still feels like looking over his shoulder to see if the Lotus Assassins are watching.

Wen describes Two Rivers as much more peaceful than the Imperial City, but says he has not yet fully adjusted to it. Wen does not yet know many people at Two Rivers, but feels sorry for Dawn Star due to her isolation and is contemptuous towards Gao the Lesser for his arrogance, saying that he saw many such people in the Imperial City. Although he has not given much thought to what he will do once he finishes his training, Wen mentions the possibility of joining the Imperial Army.

During sparring, Wen uses the martial style Thousand Cuts.

He is never seen again after Chapter 1. He is presumed dead when Two Rivers was attacked.


Student Wen shares his character model with merchant Chiu and Beggar Song only wears different clothes.