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Weapon styles are combat disciplines that utilize various weapons. In order to wield weapons effectively, intense Focus is required and so each attack uses up a small amount of it. The power of weapon attacks can be magnified by Chi Strikes, but unlike with martial and support styles, such enhancement itself cannot be further improved.

Weapons deal much higher damage than martial styles and are far more effective against groups of enemies. They are the go-to combat style when facing demons and golems, but are entirely useless against spirits.

Basic weapon styles[]

They are available at the very beginning of the game. The player can choose only one of these, but the other will become available for purchase later in the game.


The staff has the lowest damage output, but the longest reach, allowing the player to relatively easily dispose of any short range fighters. The first available staff is the Golden Star and is given to the player by Gujin the Weapon Master shortly after starting the game. Stronger variants can be obtained later in the game: the Flawless can be bought in Tien's Landing in Chapter 2 and the Demon Staff can be found in a pile of bones in the Necropolis in Chapter 3. Sagacious Zu uses a staff in combat.

+ longest reach out of any weapon style

+ available from the start

+ upgraded variants available earlier than for the longsword

- lowest damage output out of all weapon styles

- low attack speed

- a pure single target style, and so Focus-inefficient against multiple targets

- rather boring aesthetically, staves are little more than wooden sticks


The most balanced weapon style, strong in every area without any real drawbacks. As such it can be considered the best. The first available longsword is Fortune's Favorite and is given to the player by Gujin the Weapon Master shortly after starting the game. Stronger variants can be obtained later in the game: the Dragon Sword can be bought from the blacksmith in the Imperial City in Chapter 3 and the Demon Sword can be found in a pile of bones near the starting location in the Spirit Realm in Chapter 5. Dawn Star and Silk Fox use longswords in combat.

+ high damage output in any situation

+ upgraded variants have long reach, nearly matching the staff

+ the best weapon style to use against groups; double axes can theoretically damage enemies in a larger area, but the longsword remains a safer and more practical option

+ available from the start

+ very balanced, no real drawbacks

- upgraded variants available later than for the staff

Advanced weapon styles[]

All of these are quest rewards in Chapter 3. Although available later than the basic styles, they are not necessarily better in every way.

Double sabers[]

A specialized variant of the longsword. They deal similar raw damage, but trade long reach for higher attack speed to become the fastest weapon style in game and ideal against solitary targets. There are two sets of sabers available in the game, the Eyes of the Dragon and the Crimson Tears. Players can only obtain one of these sets, depending on how they treat Crimson Khana in the Imperial Arena. Sky uses double sabers in combat.

+ very high single-target damage output

+ the fastest weapon style

- Focus-inefficient against groups, but still far superior to the staff in that regard

- short reach

- unobtainable until mid-game

- the stronger variant is locked behind an Open Palm action

Double axes[]

Represented solely by Tang's Vengeance, this style emphasizes raw power over anything else. While slow, the axes deal a lot of damage per hit and are very effective against groups of enemies. They are obtained after defeating the Ravager in the Imperial Arena and are arguably the second best weapon style in the game, right after the longsword. Enemies killed using this style are occasionally decapitated for added brutality. Black Whirlwind uses double axes in combat.

+ high damage output in any situation

+ long reach

+ effective against groups

+ Focus cost can be reduced to zero

+ very brutal style, enemies are occasionally decapitated

- unobtainable until mid-game

- low attack speed, though raw damage compensates for it somewhat

- basic attacks are wide swings and leave the user open for counterattacks

Musket (firearm)[]

The only firearm available to the player is a musket called Mirabelle. It is the longest-ranged weapon in the game and deals devastating damage, but it fires very slowly and uses up massive amounts of Focus with each attack. It is an optional reward for defeating the Outlander in the Imperial City.

+ by far the highest damage per attack out of any style in the game

+ longest reach, on par with magic styles

- extremely slow

- very Focus-inefficient

- reduces mobility, makes dodging impossible

- more of an easter egg than a legitimate combat style, does not fit the game's theme of martial arts and magic


Whichever style works best depends on the player's preference, but as a general rule, the order from the most to least effective weapon style is as follows:

Longsword >= Double axes > Double sabers > Staff


  • Spirits are immune to weapon styles, but due to the game engine's limitations, all of the Followers' weapons deal full damage to all enemies, including spirits.
  • You do not need to re-allocate upgrade points when a weapon is exchanged for a better version (i.e. when you upgrade Fortune's Favorite to the Dragon Sword or the Flawless to the Demon Staff). Once a point is spent, it is a permanent decision.
  • Follower weapons cannot be exchanged for better versions, with the exceptions of Dawn Star, Silk Fox, and Black Whirlwind. The former two are depending on which of them you put in charge of blowing up the bridges, the one selected as the "player" will receive a new sword. Black Whirlwind can find new axes while he protects the Temple Courtyard.