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Viper is one of the two advanced martial styles, the other being Iron Palm. It is one of the fastest martial styles and has a unique effect of poisoning the target with every basic and power attack, dealing additional damage over time. Overall, it is roughly equal to Leaping Tiger, but trades its long reach for the fastest power attack out of any style in the game. Viper is strictly associated with the Way of the Closed Fist and learning it requires making a particularly evil decision.


Attack power: 2/5 (low, but basic and power attacks poison the target, dealing a small amount of additional damage over time)

Attack speed: 4/5 (fast overall, with the fastest power attack out of any style in the game)

Reach: 3/5 (average, but the character moves forward slightly with each basic attack)

Accessibility: 2/5 (obtainable in Chapter 3, typically later than Iron Palm)

Overall rating: 3/5 (obtained very late, but reasonably effective variant of Leaping Tiger, however, ultimately worse because of shorter reach and not much to compensate for it)

How to obtain[]

If you have the PC version of Jade Empire, you can acquire this style by obtaining the following meditation doctrines: Eye of the Viper, Fang of the Viper and Scale of the Viper.

Eye of the Viper - found in a chest in the Swamp Cave after defeating Gao the Lesser (make sure you do not leave before looting the cave as you cannot return later)

Fang of the Viper - obtained after selling Yifong and Fuyao into slavery at the Pirate Lair in Chapter 2 (the other Closed Fist option, forcing Fuyao to fight for her freedom, rewards an Iron Palm scroll instead)

Scale of the Viper - rewarded for defeating Grand Inquisitor Jia in Chapter 3

In-Game Description[]

Viper emphasizes speed and unpredictability, alternately lulling the opponent with rhythmic movements and striking with incredible speed. Individually, this style's strikes are light, but they are only a part of its arsenal. Those who have mastered Viper's mysteries know a series of pressure points that can sour the blood and disrupt their foes' vital organs. Rare is the warrior who can withstand the lightning quick strikes of Viper while being torn apart from the inside.