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A Boy and a Girl, residents of Two Rivers, were often found near Dawn Star's house on the outskirts of Two Rivers School. Their true names and parents were unknown. The boy spoke Tho Fan.

A Child's Thoughts

Dawn Star

"Dawn Star's garden is peaceful, even when she's not here".
"Gardening is stupid, but I like playing here".
–Girl and Boy

Dawn Star

When Dawn Star was away from her home, the children were put in charge of guarding her garden. They worked at their task diligently, knowing that if they kept the garden safe Dawn Star would give them sweets as a reward. The children both confessed to liking Dawn Star. The boy mentioned that he never saw anything strange around Dawn Star despite the rumors his mother told him about Dawn Star being able to summon ghosts.

Bandit Attack

"I would have fought the bandits, too, but I think maybe you fight a little better than me. Will you ever learn to fight like Master Li was fighting? I want to see that!"

During and after the bandit attack, the two children stayed close to Dawn Star's house. They both agreed that the bandits were scary, especially their "wizard" Lotus Assassin leader and that the bandits, unlike the students, did not fight nicely. They were both pleased to find the Player unharmed and were impressed by Master Li's skill, though the girl admitted she found Master Li a bit scary, too.


The children were probably killed during the attack on Two Rivers by Gao the Greater's flyers and the Lotus Assassins.


  • The boy shares the same general model as the ghost child Bin.
  • The girl shares the same general model as the ghost of the stranded orphan girl.