"I am... I am... I think I am Turnkey Shiji? Is that right? Yes, I am Turnkey Shiji".
–Turnkey Shiji

Turnkey Shiji was a ghost who haunted the Quarry near the ruins of Old Tien's Landing.

In Life Edit

Turnkey Shiji was in charge of guarding the convicted prisoners who were chained in the quarry near Old Tien's Landing. Two of these prisoners were Strangler Jizu and Stabber Yuxi. Shiji carried the only key that could free the convicts.

"Everyone ran, but I came back for the prisoners. I had the only key. They are bad men, but no one deserves to die like that".
–Turnkey Shiji

After the Great Dam was closed, water from the backed up river began to flood the town and quarry. While the townsfolk fled to save themselves, Shiji rushed to the quarry to free the prisoners. He freed Strangler Jizu first, which later Shiji admitted was a mistake. Jizu put his hands around Shiji's throat and strangled him to death.

In DeathEdit

"Strangler Jizu's hate kept me chained in death, just like I kept him chained in life".
–Turnkey Shiji

Shiji's ghost haunted the quarry with the spirits of the other convicts. His spirit was bound to the quarry by Jizu's hatred. After the Player dispersed Jizu's ghost, Jizu's hold on Shiji was broken and his spirit freed. While Shiji was able to find some release in freedom, he was disappointed not to feel a pull to the underworld. Shiji thanked the Player for freeing him and then allowed himself to fade.

If the Player freed the Water Dragon, Shiji's spirit would be able to enter the Underworld with the other prisoners.


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