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"I sometimes get excited when speaking about one of our grandest treasures. The [Valley of the Sprightly Stones] is truly remarkable".

–Tong Wei

Tong Wei was a Master Excavator from the Valley of the Sprightly Stones who spoke Tho Fan. He came to the Scholar's Garden to oversee the installation of a statue of Sagacious Tien's head. He found the statue to be inspiring and would take from the quarry to see it. Because he worked with the sprightly stones, Tong Wei knew a bit about their history and happily answered any questions.

Sprightly Stones[]

Scholar's Garden, where sprightly stones can be seen floating overhead and are held down by chains

"The stones are remarkable, regardless of the reasons for their sprightly behavior. I count myself honored to be able to work so closely with these wonderful stones".
–Tong Wei

The stones, described as sprightly because of their floating abilities, all came frome the Valley of the Sprightly Stones. Despite numerous theories, no one knew why the stones floated. Some argued that the stones were divine and others that it was a trick of nature. Tong Wei believed the truth did not matter and that they were impressive, regardless.

Tong Wei explained that the Valley of the Sprightly Stones was discovered many centuries ago by explorers who saw the floating stones from a distance. Over time people came from around the Empire to marvel at the strange stones, but it was not until Emperor Yu Baosi ruled the Jade Empire that the sprightly stones were used for building.

Floating Construction[]

The stones were used for decoration and building. Like in the Scholar's Garden, many stones were displayed in their natural form. Other stones were carved into statues, an example being a statue of Sagacious Tien's head.

The grandest building achievement which used the sprightly stones was the Imperial Palace itself. Despite the abilities of the stones, however, additional magic was required to keep the palace aloft.