Toad Demons are demons with long tongues and powerful limbs.

The Player first encounters a Toad Demon during the search for Gao the Lesser and Dawn Star. If the Player can defeat the creature, the Toad Demon transformation style will be obtained.

The Player can then transform at will into a Toad Demon with access to all their powers and abilities. One of their attacks is hitting the opponent with their belly and knocking over the attacker. This attack is very effective. The Player will encounter them in Imperial Arena and in heaven along with Horse Demon where they are attacking Fox Spirits.

Ya Zhen

Ya Zhen, one of the demons inhabiting Wild Flower is a toad demon.


Immune to support styles, magic styles, and Spirit Thief.

Toad Demon styleEdit


The Player can obtained the stlye in Swamp Cave after defeating a Toad Demon.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Toad Demons might not be the most highly respected demons, but this style proves that they are not to be trifled with. A warrior using this style takes the hulking form of the deadly Toad Demon, complete with the demon's clawed flippers and its punishing tongue attack. This form also makes the martial artist immune to all Support styles, just like the toad demon itself.

Special Attack EffectsEdit

Power Attack - You leap forward and lead with your belly. This poisons enemies.

Area Attack - A tongue lash attack that only hits enemies in front of you.


  • Drains Chi, removes negative effects (such as slow or paralysis), grants immunity to support and magic styles.
  • Toad Demon Style's secondary attack is a powerful belly slam that can shatter opponents' blocks, an attack normal Toad Demons rarely use on Student or Master difficulty. The player will leap forward when performing the attack, and is the only way around the Toad Demon's notoriously slow speed.


  • Should the Player transform into a toad demon or perhaps another transformation style often, then one of descriptions of the player given by a lotus assassin in the Imperial City is that the Player may be a demonic spirit.


Toad Demon concept art