"Ah, I was told to expect a new recruit, and you fit the description. Well done braving the Necropolis. A troublesome walk, but it weeds out the weak. I am the Watcher and this is the fortress of the Lotus Assassins".
–The Watcher

The Watcher was a Lotus Assassin tasked with guarding the entrance to the Lotus Assassin Fortress. Only the most skilled of their order could enter the fortress without him knowing. One of them was Sagacious Zu.

Unlike the other Lotus Assassins, the Watcher was dressed in a long black hooded robe and wore a red mask.

Encounters with a Spirit MonkEdit

"Go to your teacher, Acolyte. Do not keep him waiting".
–The Watcher

The Watcher was the first person the Player encountered after entered the Lotus Assassin Fortress. After showing the Player the Hall of Induction and explaining a bit about the Lotus Assassins, the Watcher assigned the Player to the trainer Master Gang.

"For all that [the Watcher] sees, he is blind if you know where the right shadows are".
-Sagacious Zu

The Player, having seen Sagacious Zu enter the fortress before him/her, could ask the Watcher if anyone else had tried to enter the fortress. The Watcher missed Zu's entrance and claimed there had been none.

After sabotaging the Jade Golem and vanquishing Grand Inquisitor Jia, the Player escaped the Lotus Assassin fortress only to come face to face with the Watcher, who, having sensed the upheaval below, positioned himself and some reinforcements at the emergency exit to the fortress, the atrium of one of the Imperial Tombs. The Watcher quickly deduced that the Spirit Monk was responsible and attacked, but was unable to get his revenge and was felled by the Player.


The Watcher is voiced by Mark Meer who also voiced Zhong and male commander Shepard from Mass Effect series, another great game from BioWare.