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The Temple of Dirge was the holy temple of the Water Dragon. Twenty years before the beginning of game, the Long Drought had ravaged the Empire. Crops were withering and thousands were dying. Emperor Sun Hai was getting desperate, he would not let his Empire fall and so he turned to his brother Sun Li the Glorious Strategist to end it.

High on a crag in the western mountains of the Jade Empire, the walls of Dirge have stood amidst the snow and wind for hundreds of generations. Once the heart and soul of a powerful and thriving monastery, this temple is now home to a malevolent force that has twisted it into an evil and perilous place where no living creature dares to tread. Stark and uninviting, the Temple of Dirge is more trap than sanctuary.

For centuries this place was home to a mysterious order of monks, but now the temple and the structures around it lie empty. All that lived here were apparently killed in a great battle decades ago, the culmination of a siege launched by an overwhelming force. Though their bodies were destroyed, the spirits of the slain still seem to linger in the passageways, forever replaying the moment of their deaths.

The Plan[]

In temple there were three fountains and before the attack of the Emperor and his brothers, Sun Li sent Imperial spies ahead to turn the weak Spirit Monks to his cause. Xian Wu and others who succumbed to Li's promises of wealth and power, were bribed to taint the fountains with human blood, tainting the Water Dragon's power. With their temple corrupted and their defenses breached the Spirit Monks didn't stand a chance against the Imperial Army. The traitorous ones were also betrayed and their souls bound to the fountains.

Restoring the fountains[]

The Player, when brought to Dirge by the Water Dragon, must destroy the keeper of the seals in order to purify the fountains. There are Three main areas of Dirge, one of which being the temple, housing the portal. When the Character is brought back to life, there are several boosting of characteristics options throughout the temple, including praying in front of a statue, and fixing the prayer wheels. When the game is won, Dirge will be the new opening menu screen until a new game is started.

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