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"Strangler Jizu smells something fresh".
–Strangler Jizu

Strangler Jizu was a powerful ghost who haunted the Quarry near the ruins of Old Tien's Landing.

In Life[]

"Jizu was... insane. He loved death. He hungered for it. He fed on it".
–Turnkey Shiji

Strangler Jizu was a criminal, his name suggesting that he may have strangled one or several people to death. He was convicted of his crime(s) and chained in the quarry near Old Tien's Landing with the other convicted prisoners. Jizu became the king of the prisoners during his time there.

After the Great Dam was closed, water from the backed up river flooded the quarry and only one person came to help the prisoners, Turnkey Shiji. Jizu was unchained by Shiji first and once free immediately began to strangle his rescuer. Afterward, Jizu was unable to escape the rising water and died with the rest of the prisoners inside the quarry.

In Death[]

"But we not die. Strangler Jizu has too much hate to die".
–Strangler Jizu

Strangler Jizu became a powerful ghost, his hatred holding several other ghosts, including that of Turnkey Shiji, with him in the quarry. When the Player entered the quarry, Jizu attacked with his fellow convicts. The power from his hatred allowed him to use the magic style Dire Flame and to regenerate himself from the spirits of the other prisoners. Eventually, the Player dispersed him and his comrades.

Once Jizu was dispersed the ghosts bound to the quarry through his hatred, such as Shiji, were freed.

If the Player freed the Water Dragon, Jizu's spirit would be able to enter the Underworld along with the other prisoners.


Immune to weapon styles.


Strangler Jizu has the same appereance as Zeng Sai in the mines of the Lotus Assassin Fortress.