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Storm Dragon performed

Inspired initially by the various forms of Shaolin martial arts, Storm Dragon is a strong style characterized by bold forward momentum. The practitioner maintains a low stance and moves in wide arcs, the inertia of the entire body lending force to attacks. Opponents are hard-pressed to maintain their ground in the face of such an all-encompassing onslaught. This style of technique also stands and attacks very similarly to the Hung Ga style. Good to the point of being unbalanced, this style will keep an opponent pinned helplessly in places, dealing tiny amounts of shock damage as it does so. The two main uses are to slowly defeat a single target without risk, either through pure shock damage or by constant style switching, or to prepare an easy Harmonic Combo with the area-effect attack. Moving from 'Storm Dragon to White Demon is VERY fast, and the style change can be triggered whilst still dealing the area attack. The character will straighten straight into a White Demon ready stance, and the White Demon power attack is not at all slow. Combine with Focus (since you are about to collect focus powerup orbs) to annihilate groups of opponents effortlessly.

Magic School

Speed: Medium
Power: Medium
Defense: High

Obtaining StyleEdit

Location #1 Tien's Landing - Purchased from Merchant Cheung after the Great Dam is closed

Location #2 Great Southern Forest - Purchased from Spear Catches Leaf

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The forms and strikes of Storm Dragon enable the master to call upon the power of lightning to damage an opponent. While this style's attacks don't cause any direct damage, its motions summon forth electricity to course through its victim, doing small but constant damage over time. Storm Dragon will rarely win a fight on its own, but combined with other styles it can easily change the tide of a difficult battle.

Special Attack EffectsEdit

Power Attack - you do a slow double-handed punch.

Area Attack - enemies a short distance away from you are struck by lightning bolts, which shocks them.

Harmonic Combo - hit an enemy with the Storm Dragon area attack and then hit them with a martial style power attack to make them leave behind a focus orb.


Does direct damage in Chi Strike mode, Area Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo that produces a Focus power-up.