"To understand the earth, you must be aware of all things around you, and understand that they are all connected in one way or another. That is why Stone Immortal is only taught to those who follow the Way of the Open Palm. Our sense of harmony aids us in persuading the earth to serve as our ally."
Mistress Vo

Stone Immortal is the power up attack that petrifies the opponent and turns him or her into a tree for a few seconds. Also, for the surrounding attack, stone will raise up, knocking the opponents away from the Player.

Obtaining StyleEdit

Tien's Landing - Taught to you by Mistress Vo, if you're a follower of the Way of the Open Palm, upon completion of a certain sidequest in Tien's Landing. Only a follower of the Way of the Open Palm philosophy can learn the technique because only a follower of the Open Palm can truly be in harmony with nature and earth. It is also much more powerful to a person who is high in the Open Palm than it is to a person who turned coat.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Fighters who study this style gain mastery over the ponderous element of earth, putting the mighty power of stone and crystal at their command. Masters of Stone Immortal have the ability to attack enemies with crystalline missiles, encase foes in stone, or even open the ground beneath an opponent's feet. To command the power of earth requires a mind centered on balance, stability, and order, and so Stone Immortal is a favored style among followers of the Way of the Open Palm. It is far less effective if wielded by those who follow the Way of the Closed Fist.

Special Attack EffectsEdit

Power Attack - Sends a bolt of stone that petrifies enemies for a short time.

Area Attack - The ground surrounding you pulsates, knocking enemies to the ground.

Harmonic Combo - Hit an enemy with the Stone Immortal power attack, then the martial power attack to make them leave behind a focus orb.


Drains Chi, stronger when wielded by a follower of the Way of the Open Palm, Power Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo.


Jade Empire Stone Immortal

Jade Empire Stone Immortal