Stabber Yuxi

"Ours... mine. All mine. Alive, dead... no matter. All mine."
–Stabber Yuxi

Stabber Yuxi was a ghost who haunted the Ruins of Old Tien's Landing outside of the Quarry.

In Life

Stabber Yuxi was a criminal, his name suggesting that he may have stabbed one or several people to death. He was convicted of his crime(s) and chained in the quarry near Old Tien's Landing with the other convicted prisoners. Yuxi was one of the toughest in, what he called, the chain gang and claimed everyone was afraid of him.

After the Great Dam was closed, water from the backed up river flooded the quarry. Only one person can to help the prisoners, Turnkey Shiji, but Yuxi was sure Shiji only came to laugh at them. The water kept rising until Yuxi and the other prisoners were dead.

In Death

"The quarry is ours! It was ours when we lived, and it's ours when we're dead!"
–Stabber Yuxi

Yuxi haunted the area outside of the quarry, the place in which he died. When the player moved to enter the quarry, Yuxi appeared and claimed the quarry belonged to himself and the other dead convicts only. He and several other convict ghosts attacked the player, but were dispersed.

If the player freed the Water Dragon, Yuxi's spirit and those of his comrades would be able to enter the underworld.


Immune to weapon styles.

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