Using Spirit Thief is not very complicated, the Player must simply hit the enemy and their Chi will regenerate. You can also upgrade this in speed, duration and even its counterpart, Chi Strike.

It is well worth remembering, especially when fighting golems, that this is NOT a support style, and so is not affected by support immunities save for demon opponents. The Chi Strike aspect will damage any opponent in the game just fine, still draining a tiny amount more Chi than each strike uses up. Note that a rare few opponents are immune to the chi-drain effect, but not to the damage inflicted in Chi Strike mode.

Be careful not to be caught unable to move while using the handy ranged power attack.

Obtaining StyleEdit

Spirit Thief is a combat style you gain from Hui the Brave. When the Player successfully defeats the three sailors outside the Teahouse in Tien's Landing, Hui will enter a conversation and teach the Player the Spirit Thief style.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Those most adept at manipulating chi find that even the spiritual energy of others is within their grasp. The strikes and forms of the Spirit Thief style enable practitioners to tap an enemy’s vital energies and refill their own reserves. While the techniques of this style do no physical damage to its victims without being charged with the user’s chi, those who face a Spirit Thief master find themselves without the resolve to put their hearts into the fight.

Special Attack EffectsEdit

Power Attack - You send out a missile that temporarily paralyses its target and returns a homing ribbon of chi to you. The paralysis doesn't last that long, however.

Area Attack - All enemies caught in the flash of this attack are thrown back and release ribbons of chi energy that fly to you.


The style itself is comprimised of several strikes that use a 'Shaolin sword finger' hand movement that is found in a variety of chinese kung fu systems. The specific function of striking points in the body to disrupt Chi flow is found in many Chi focused martial arts such as certain Dim Mak techniques.