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"I'm Spear Catches Leaf, Lord Yun's lead hunter. I learned a ritual from Lord Yun's father and I had hoped to use it to ask the aid of the Forest Shadow".

"Ah, the hunter. [Spear Catches Leaf] is a true soul".
–Spear Catches Leaf and Forest Shadow

Spear Catches Leaf worked for Lord Yun as a hunter in the Great Southern Forest. When the forest trees began to develop an unnatural blackness on their bark, he went to the Forest Shadow's Temple with the Black Whirlwind and began the ritual of seasons to meet with the Forest Shadow.

"Spear Catches Leaf is one of my best men, and I'm worried that I sent him to his doom. He insisted that he try this ritual, though".
–Lord Yun

After setting the fires and preparing the furnaces used in the ritual, he discovered one of the key crystals was missing from its pedestal. He also found strange tracks that resembled a deformed child leading in the direction of the Pilgrim's Rest Inn.

"How can you fight so well when all you do is drink?"
"It's harder to drink your watered down swill than face those ghosts".
–Spear Catches Leaf and Black Whirlwind

During his stay in the forest Spear Catches Leaf fought against ghosts that attacked him and the temple, though Black Whirlwind did the majority of the fighting.

Finishing the Ritual

Ritual of Seasons

"I should go to the inn and find out what I can".
"Make your way there. I will stay behind to tend the furnaces. If you need more information, supplies or even training, you know where to find me".
–The Player and Spear Catches Leaf

After a battle with ghosts at the temple, Spear Catches Leaf met with the Player who had been sent by Lord Yun. He told the about the ritual and he/she went to find the crystal to complete the ritual. When the Player returned Spear Catches Leaf explained the rest of the ritual.

"Winter skies are crisp and blue, while the fields of spring are green. Summer's heat is burning red, while in autumn, yellow leaves are seen".
–Spear Catches Leaf

After explaining the ritual as best he could to the Player, Speak Catches Leaf returned to Lord Yun.


If the Player sided with the Forest Shadow:

Spear Catches Leaf witnessed the Forest Shadow appear before Lord Yun. He stayed with Lord Yun to tend to the forest while it was still recovering.

If the Player killed the Forest Shadow:

Spear Catches Leaf remained with Lord Yun, uncertain about the fate of the forest. If Lord Yun was persuaded to head to the inn, Spear Catches Leaf was presumed to be killed by the cannibals.

Philosophy of a Hunter

"I believe there can be honor inside the Closed Fist and intrigue behind the Open Palm. The key is to understand why you act as you do".
–Spear Catches Leaf

Instead of following either the Way of the Open Palm or the Way of the Closed Fist, hunters live in balance using discord to achieve harmony. To hunt to feed and clothe one's family is an example of this balance. Killing without purpose is evil, not acting with intent.

To become a successful hunter, a person must be in harmony with nature to stalk the prey and rely on discord to make the kill.


"Have a look and tell me what you need. I'm collecting the silver to honor the men we lost to these accursed ghosts".
–Spear Catches Leaf

Spear Catches Leaf carried several gem stones and techniques to sell and teach. If a Style was obtained by the Player prior to meeting Spear Catches Leaf, he no longer carried that technique. Once Quest: The Sickened Forest is completed, Spear Catches Leaf's inventory increases to include the italicized gems and techniques.


Techniques and Styles