"I prefer to spend my time and energy on things that are real. Designing a new prototype flying machine, now, that's important!"

–Scholar Zenyu

Scholar Zenyu was one of the newer scholars within the Scholar's Garden in the Imperial City. He was fascinated with flyers and greatly admired the Marvelous Dragonfly which arrived in the city with the Player. Zenyu designed his own prototype flyer and hoped to get funding to have it built one day. To his disappointment none of the other scholars were interested in his inventions.

Personal HistoryEdit

"[My uncle] knew I would never have a chance at a real life unless I had some proper schooling".
–Scholar Zenyu

Scholar Zenyu was born in the poor quarter of the Imperial City and as a young boy he dreamed of fighting in the Imperial Arena. When he was ten, his uncle brought Zenyu to the Scholar's Garden for a proper education. Since that time Zenyu has continued to live with his uncle.

"I'm not supposed to go [to the tavern]... at least, not when I'm studying. But it's hard to resist".
–Scholar Zenyu

Zenyu felt the Heart of the Empire Tavern in the Arena was one of the best places in the city. He liked to sit in the upper rooms of the tavern and look out over the city or the arena while drinking wine. Watching fighters complete in the arena was another one of Zenyu's guilty pleasures as he found the matches exhilarating.