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Scholars' Garden is a delicate peacful and beautiful garden of knowledge and powerful information located in the Imperial City, Not only to the home of the city's intellectual scholars but also to the rivaling philosophers.

Silk Fox

The Player will enter the Scholars Garden as part of obtaining Silk Fox shortly after a conversation the two guards whom Lian/Silk Fox shunned off appear and battle the Player for disgracing them when they are defeated Silk Fox joins the party.

The Outlander

An important mission in the garden is the Outlander, Sir Roderick Ponce Von Fontlebottom the Magnificent Bastard, who shortly after blowing a man into pieces declares that he must civilise the Empire, the Player steps in and shortly after a debate is declared. The Player must pick certain options to ensure they win the debate, after winning the Outlander then battles the Player, if the Player defeats him he will anounce his leave and will give his weapon a gem or a status boost to the Player.

The Disguiser

As part of a bounty quest the Player must locate and find Creative Yukong (his location is at a bridge near a wall) who is in the form of a scholar named Kongyu, after selecting choices he will confess his disguise, you can either turn him in or help him escape from the city initiating the last part.

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