The Rhino Demon, much like its Elephant Demon counter part bear similarities in combat. Despite standard immunities associated with demons, such as immunities against magic styles and support styles, it too has a powerful melee, a swinging power attack and occasionally uses Stone Immortal area attacks. Likewise, its high health and stagger resistance makes up for its slow maneuverability. The only difference which makes the Rhino Demon a bigger threat is its immediate charge towards the Player if he/she is stationary in one area for too long. While it appears formidable, the Rhino Demon can be defeated through the use of several strategies. The Jade Golem, transformation style and powerful weapons make short work of the Rhino Demon, as well as standard jump-in, attack, jump-out tactics. The Player encounters them in some places, including Heaven, Pirate lair and Temple of Dirge. The Rhino Demon often appears with another demon that attacks the Player, usually a Horse Demon.


Immune to magic styles and support styles.

Rhino Demon StyleEdit


If you have the PC version of Jade Empire Special Edition with the pre-order bonus installed, you will automatically receive this style after you've finished the game's tutorial sparring match.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Rhino Demons are some of the most powerful demons out there, but they are limited by their slower movement due to their large size. A warrior using this style takes the grand form of a walking Rhino Demon, complete with the demon's rhino horn and huge arms. Rhino Demon has a very effective area clear attack. This form also makes the martial artist immune to all Support styles, just like the Rhino Demon itself.


  • Drains Chi
  • Removes negative effects (such as slow or paralysis).