Red Minister is a powerful transformation style that lets you take the shape of a spirits known as a Red Minister. The attacks in this form drain Chi and Health from the enemy and transfers them to the Player.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

When an eminent sage dies, its spirit sometimes returns as a ghostly Red Minister. Taking the form of a Red Minister grants a warrior the nefarious ability to feed on an opponent's life force and the incorporeal spirit's immunities to weapons and Support styles. Few people in this troubled age have the resilience to withstand the spine-chilling touch of a Red Minister.

Special Attack EffectsEdit

Power Attack - Sucks a homing ribbon of life energy from the target that automatically comes to you. You don't need to aim to use this attack.

Area Attack - You spin and purple energy throws enemies away from you.

Red Minister StyleEdit

In Dirge Temple Courtyard you can obtained the stlyle after defeating the Red Minister in a Chapter 5 side quest in which you are to retrieve a gem to help defeat a minion polluting the Temple of Dirge.


  • Drains Chi, removes negative effects (such as slow or paralysis), grants immunity to support and weapon styles.
  • Replenishes the Player's chi and health with each successful primary attack.
  • Unable to perform evasive maneuvers in combat.
  • Although its abilities are relatively useful, the Red Minister's attacks are a little slow, weak and easily blocked. It is acquired very late in the game, so if the Player intends to use this form it may be necessary to hoard upgrade points in preparation.

Immunities Edit

Immune to support styles, weapon styles and Harmonic Combos.