Rat Demons are the lowest beings in the Celestial Bureaucracy hierarchy. They are small demons often used as grunt laborers by other demons or even mortal sorcerers. When summoned, their ability to sense hidden objects and track living targets make them very useful. While weaker than average demons, in numbers they are a vicious force capable of taking down even trained warriors. When cornered Rat Demons can be fierce, but if truly helpless they will resort to any method to prevent being killed.

In GameEdit

There are many opportunities to battle rat demons throughout the game, but there is only one demon with whom the Player can converse. A cowardly rat demon is found by the Player searching the ruins of Old Tien's Landing for essence gems, summoned by a Lotus Assassin sorcerer. After realizing he is no match for the player's superior fight abilities, the Rat Demon begs for his life. If granted mercy, the Rat Demon will reveal both the pathway to and the means for obtaining several powerful essence gems.

The Player's response afterward has obvious Open Palm and Closed Fist resolutions.


Immune to support styles and magic styles.