Jade Empire Wiki

There are a total of sixty-one named quests in Jade Empire (including two only found in the PC version).

Chapter One[]

Main plot
MasterLiKneeling.jpg A Master's Teachings
DawnStar1.jpg The Search for Dawn Star
TwoRiversBurning.jpg The Burning Town
Other quests
LionStatue.jpg The Lions of Two Rivers
UnfortunateDebtor.jpg An Unfortunate Debt
KiaMin.jpg Kia Min
Style-IronPalm.png Iron Palm (PC only)
Style-Viper.png Viper (PC only)
Fen.jpg The Flower of the Fields

Chapter Two[]

Main plot
CrashedFlyer.jpg Picking up the Pieces /
Find a New Flyer
GreatDamClosing2.jpg The Great Dam
GreatSouthernForest2.jpg The Sickened Forest
(Cannibals in the Inn / Fox Hunt)
HuiTheBrave.jpg Hui the Brave
SilkFoxMasked.jpg A Woman in Black /
Silk Fox
Other quests: Tien's Landing
LuckyNightStranded.jpg Trapped
BakerBei.jpg The Beaten Baker / Matchmaker
ScholarSixHeavens.jpg Zither of Discord / Test of the Closed Fist
VoAndJian.jpg An Ancient Game
OldMotherKwan.jpg Old Mother Kwan
ZhongAndDongPing.jpg Zhong the Ox Carrier
Tong.jpg The Stolen Memento
Other quests: Pirate base
Fuyao.jpg Yifong and Fuyao
Other quests: Dam site
DrownedOrphans.jpg The Drowned Orphans
StranglerJizu.jpg Gems in the Quarry
StrandedOrphanGirl.jpg Stranded Orphan Girl

Chapter Three[]

Main plot
LotusExecutionerRecruiter.jpg The Executioners / The Inquisitors
GrandInquisitorJiaMasked-Crop.jpg The Emperor and the Assassins /
Infiltrate the Lotus Assassin Fortress

(Create a Spirit Shard / Kill Master Shin)
Other quests: General
BlackLeopardSchoolGate.jpg The Black Leopard School
SirRoderick.jpg The Outlander
LadyFourteenFlowers.jpg The Play's the Thing
CaoZeng.jpg The Slave Traders
MechanicHinGoo.jpg Mechanic Hin Goo
JinlinTomb.jpg Jinlin
Other quests: Bounties
CreativeYukong.jpg Creative Yukong's Bounty
FadingMoon.jpg Fading Moon's Bounty
AishiTheMournfulBlade.jpg Aishi the Mournful Blade
Other quests: Arena
ArenaSpectators.jpg The Imperial Arena
IronSoldier.jpg A Bronzed Opportunity / Soldier's Offer
GamblerDaoshen.jpg The Gambler's Favour
Other quests: Necropolis
GravediggerShen-Crop.jpg The First Gravedigger
(Vengeful Ghost / Mournful Ghost / Fearful Ghost)
TannersFong.jpg The Tanners Fong
MadWenZhiAndWenSiWei.jpg The Scientist

Chapter Four[]

SunHai1.jpg The Height of Power

Chapter Five[]

LandOfSpirits1.jpg The Land of Spirits
DirgeGem.jpg Gem of Power

Chapter Six[]

DirgePortal.jpg The Return to Dirge

Chapter Seven[]

SunLiEmperor.jpg A Master's Fate