There are a total of sixty-one named quests in Jade Empire (including two only found in the PC version).

Chapter OneEdit

Main plot
MasterLiKneeling A Master's Teachings
DawnStar1 The Search for Dawn Star
TwoRiversBurning The Burning Town
Other quests
LionStatue The Lions of Two Rivers
UnfortunateDebtor An Unfortunate Debt
KiaMin Kia Min
Style-IronPalm Iron Palm (PC only)
Style-Viper Viper (PC only)
Fen The Flower of the Fields

Chapter TwoEdit

Main plot
CrashedFlyer Picking up the Pieces /
Find a New Flyer
GreatDamClosing2 The Great Dam
GreatSouthernForest2 The Sickened Forest
(Cannibals in the Inn / Fox Hunt)
HuiTheBrave Hui the Brave
SilkFoxMasked A Woman in Black /
Silk Fox
Other quests: Tien's Landing
LuckyNightStranded Trapped
BakerBei The Beaten Baker / Matchmaker
ScholarSixHeavens Zither of Discord / Test of the Closed Fist
VoAndJian An Ancient Game
OldMotherKwan Old Mother Kwan
ZhongAndDongPing Zhong the Ox Carrier
Tong The Stolen Memento
Other quests: Pirate base
Fuyao Yifong and Fuyao
Other quests: Dam site
DrownedOrphans The Drowned Orphans
StranglerJizu Gems in the Quarry
StrandedOrphanGirl Stranded Orphan Girl

Chapter ThreeEdit

Main plot
LotusExecutionerRecruiter The Executioners / The Inquisitors
GrandInquisitorJiaMasked-Crop The Emperor and the Assassins /
Infiltrate the Lotus Assassin Fortress

(Create a Spirit Shard / Kill Master Shin)
Other quests: General
BlackLeopardSchoolGate The Black Leopard School
SirRoderick The Outlander
LadyFourteenFlowers The Play's the Thing
CaoZeng The Slave Traders
MechanicHinGoo Mechanic Hin Goo
JinlinTomb Jinlin
Other quests: Bounties
CreativeYukong Creative Yukong's Bounty
FadingMoon Fading Moon's Bounty
AishiTheMournfulBlade Aishi the Mournful Blade
Other quests: Arena
ArenaSpectators The Imperial Arena
IronSoldier A Bronzed Opportunity / Soldier's Offer
GamblerDaoshen The Gambler's Favour
Other quests: Necropolis
GravediggerShen-Crop The First Gravedigger
(Vengeful Ghost / Mournful Ghost / Fearful Ghost)
TannersFong The Tanners Fong
MadWenZhiAndWenSiWei The Scientist

Chapter FourEdit

SunHai1 The Height of Power

Chapter FiveEdit

LandOfSpirits1 The Land of Spirits
DirgeGem Gem of Power

Chapter SixEdit

DirgePortal The Return to Dirge

Chapter SevenEdit

SunLiEmperor A Master's Fate