Wu and Scholar Six Heavens

Wu listens to Scholar Six Heavens speak of the Zither.

"It was an instrument that belonged to Bladed Thesis, the scholar who first advanced the Way of the Closed Fist as a philosophy".
–Scholar Six Heavens

The Zither of Discord

The quest called "The Zither of Discord" can be started by speaking to a man named Scholar Six Heavens, who can be found through a doorway to the right of Darting Lynx at Beggar's Pier in Tien's Landing. Scholar Six Heavens will only speak to you if you follow the Way of the Closed Fist.

Find the Pieces

He will ask you to search for the two parts that make up the Zither of Discord - the Zither Case and the Silk Strings.

Silk Strings

To find the Silk Strings, you must go to the Dam Site. Retrieve them from a chest that can be found in the tower located in the south-east section of the Dam Site.

Zither Case

To find the Ztither Case, you must defeat the main boss at the pirate base before you can search the room to retrieve it.

Return to Scholar Six Heavens

When you have both pieces, return to Scholar Six Heavens and he will send you to the Great Southern Forest for the final piece - the Zither Bridge.

Bladed Thesis

Your search for the Zither Bridge will lead you to an encounter with the ghost of Bladed Thesis. He can be found up the path and to the right at a small rotunda. Speaking to him triggers the quest, The Test of the Closed Fist.

Open Palm Solution

Though you follow the Way of the Closed Fist, there is also a chance to gain Open Palm points. When Bladed Thesis tells you that he wants to kill Scholar Six Heavens, answer his question but refuse to help him. This will provoke an attack and you will have to fight him. When he is defeated, you will obtain the Zither Bridge. Take it back to Scholar Six Heavens and tell him that you had to kill Bladed Thesis to protect the weak. This earns you some Open Palm points.

Closed Fist Solutions

For less of an alignment shift, answer his question correctly, then refuse to help. Kill him, take the Zither Bridge and take it back to Scholar Six Heavens for your reward.

For the most amount of Closed Fist points, answer his question with the reply about a "vain man". When you recieved the Zither Bridge and give it to Scholar Six Heavens, Bladed Thesis will appear and steal his soul. This will earn you the Chaotic Strains technique.

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