The Lions of Two Rivers is a subquest gained at Two Rivers School after approaching the lion staue in the back of Master Li's room.

Walkthrough Edit

Journal entries for the Quest: The Lions of Two Rivers quest are listed in italics followed by a walkthrough of that portion of the quest.

An Ancient Test Edit

A large statue dominates one of the room's in Master Li's house, likely an artifact left behind by previous masters. It seems to be a test of some kind.

Open the chest nest to the altar and retrieve the lion statues. Examine the large statue and place the lion whose color corresponds with the color indicated on the altar (Blue - Red - Yellow). A voice speaks about the simple path and the player receives a single silver piece.

Leave the house and go to the tomb behind the house. Place the coin in the shrine bowl and receive the lion head token. Return to the large statue.

Place the token on the staue and place the two colors that combine to make the color shown. Green is blue and yellow. Orange is red and yellow. Purple is blue and red.

Complete Edit

After finding the old master's token and placing it in the lion statue, the test changed. You managed to solve this new challenge, earning a reward clearly intended for students who explored their surroundings.

Reward Edit

The reward for completing Quest: The Lions of Two Rivers is the technique, Gaze of the Lion.

Gaze of the Lion Edit

Health +2, Focus +2

A masterful hunter, the lion must always be aware of the totality of its domain and be ready to protect it. You feel a kinship with the mighty predator after solving the riddle left by the old master of Two Rivers.

Trivia Edit

The Statue actually contains more then the one silver piece. If the PC repeats the first puzzle numerous times The PC can get all 20 silver inside.

If the PC chooses to destroy the altar, he/she can collect 25 silver pieces.