A Power Attack (X button) is a powerful charged attack that can be executed in all styles of combat. It is usually recognized by a charging action, like lighting, in the body or weapons of the player when it is being executed.

Power Attack is usually slow. It takes sometime to unleash but does more damage to the opponent. The full power of any style is ultimately unleashed by the power attack. e.g. in Ice Shard (magic styles) a power attack freezes the opponent into a block of ice. In Stone Immortal (magic styles), the opponent is turned into a piece of rock. In martial styles and Weapon style, it usually does more damage, often knocking the opponent over or pushing them back. In Support styles it can effectively disorient, shock or paralyze fierce and strong opponents, depending on the specialty of the style being used.

The greatest need for a power attack comes when the adversary puts up a block. It can break blocks and can throw opponents off-guard.

It can also play a part in a Harmonic Combo.

Power Attack can however be countered by evasive tactics or quick attacks. As it takes sometime to charge a power attack, often too long, e.g. Dire Flame, the opponent can unleash a deadly wave of quick attacks. This also breaks the momentum and the charging process stops abruptly, and thus a power attack is not unleashed. The player can also employ quick attacks to score hits when an opponent is charging.

Advantages: Powerful. Breaks blocks. May throw opponents to the ground or pushed back.

Drawbacks: Slow. Can be countered by quick attacks. Moving targets are difficult to hit.