Furious Ming Paralyzing palm

Furious Ming performing Paralyzing palm

Paralyzing Palm is a useful support style. It paralyzes foes so that you can unleash a combo or two, heal, or deal with other enemies. Storm Dragon is similar to it and is slightly faster, but it costs 3500-4500 pieces of silver and that Paralyzing Palm only comes with Open Palm points and no cost attached. The styles attacks are a normal combo, a two-handed punch (Power Attack), and a bubble of paralyzing might (Area Attack).

Magic School

Speed: Low
Power: Medium
Defense: Medium

Obtaining StyleEdit

Black Leopard School - Taught by Master Radiant after killing Master Smiling Hawk in Chapter 3.

Alternatively, this style is gained upon beating Grand Inquisitor Jia.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This esoteric style has a sinister reputation, but many more peaceful masters prefer it for its ability to render an opponent helpless without killing him. More unscrupulous masters take advantage of this style's paralyzing blows to weaken foes for the killing blow. It is designed around its magical palm strikes, which can stop a man in his tracks with a single hit.

Special Attack EffectsEdit

Power Attack - You do a two-handed hit, paralyzing the enemy.

Area Attack - You send out a circular wave of energy out with a decent range, paralyzing those around you.

Harmonic Combo - hit an enemy with the Paralyzing Palm power attack, then a martial style power attack.


Does direct damage in Chi Strike mode, Power Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo.