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"What was his name? Con Sai? Song Gan? I think that was it. He was more concerned with trade than anything else."

–Old Ming

The Old Master of Two Rivers School, true name Song Gan, left the Two Rivers twenty years ago shortly after Master Li arrived. According to Old Ming, Song Gan was more focused on trade than the martial arts. He spoke Tho Fan and was proficient in the use of Ice Shard.

Style of Teaching[]

Lion Statue

Song Gan had a Lion Statue used to educate students on the interconnectedness of the world. Master Li did not approve or disapprove of the statue, but found it unnecessary. The Player was able to solve the mystery of the statue.

After Death[]

"What will become of the world if no souls are replenished? Eventually there will be an end. You are blind to the danger, blind to the truth."
–Song Gan, spoken to the Player

Song Gan became a ghost and haunted the meditation chamber of the Spirit Cave along along with the spirit of two other students. As a ghost, Song Gan waited for the voice that would call him to the afterlife.

"The way is blocked, the shepherd is gone! Cannot escape the living. Milling... stinking... you cloud the way!"
–Song Gan, spoken to the Player

Song Gan became frustrated as he found himself stuck in the world of the living with no where to go. Song Gan slowly forgot who he was and attacked the Player in an attempt to show him/her "the truth".


Immune to weapon styles.