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These curious beasts are not always as dangerous as their looks might imply. Those who confront one of these hulking monstrosities should treat them with caution, however, for despite the ogres' obvious skills at making weapons and armor, they are little more than wild animals. Although ogres are typically resistant to earth and air magic, fire and ice do significant damage to them, and weapons are usually effective against their thick hides."
Jade Empire Bestiary, Volume 1, scroll stand located in the swamp, on the outskirts of Two Rivers, inside the gazebo.

Ogres are often mistaken for "lesser" demons but are a separate bestial species from man inhabiting the Jade Empire. When fought as enemies, they are very strong, but also slow.


Ogres appear to be beast-like beings who are assumed to inhabit cavern areas and are war-like by nature. Wearing armor and brandishing a giant mace, their intimidating feral appearance and aggressive fighting style is to be feared, though most inhabitants of Jade Empire see them as perfect laborers. Examples would be the workshop of Gao's Pirate lair as a guard or Zhong who works on the farm.

Though large in size, Ogres are rather simple enemies to fight. Their battle style consists of simple mace swings and a mace smash power attack, but quick maneuverability and smash attacks can make them tumble easily despite their above average health.


Immune to support styles, Tempest, and Stone Immortal.


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