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"We tried our best, but without you and Master Li, we would have died. Thank you".

–Ni Joh to the Player

Ni Joh was a resident of Two Rivers along with his father, Farmer Joh. He was brave, but unskilled in fighting.

Adventures of a Farm Boy

It is possible tha he is romantically involved with Kia Min and it was an early morning meeting between the two that had her out on the overlook when the bandit attack happens.

Ni Joh was the first person to spot the bandit's boat coming to attack Two Rivers from the outlook past the fields. He was fired upon by the bandits with a canon and Kia Min, who was with him, was injured. Unable to carry her, Ni Joh left her to warn Student Si Pat about the incoming attack and Kia Min's injuries. Si Pat brought this message to Master Li and the Player. Meanwhile, Ni Joh went to the beach with two others to fight the bandits. The bandit ship fired at them, which left Ni Joh wounded and his two companions dead.

"A sorcerer in our little village? What is wrong with the world?"
–Ni Joh

Ni Joh witnessed not only the Player fighting off the bandits and spirits, but also Master Li's confrontation with the Lotus Assassin sorcerer.


The future of Ni Joh was uncertain. He left Two Rivers after the bandit attack, presumably to return to the fields with his father. Depending on how far away the fields were, it is possible that he survived the second attack on Two Rivers from Gao the Greater's flyers and the Lotus Assassins, but he is not mentioned again.


Ni Joh shares character model with Guard Yung, Steeper Yanru and a aid to Sir Roderick.