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The Necropolis or City of the Dead is the largest graveyard in the Empire. From Emperors to peasants, most people eventually end up buried here.

Gravedigger Shen's House

Shen is alienated from the Imperial City because tradition demands he live in the graveyard in addition to working there. To add insult to injury, his backyard has recently been haunted by the ghost of his mother-in-law.

The Unfinished Tomb

This magnificent tomb is still under construction. It's intended to someday hold the remains of the current Emperor Sun Hai. Fading Moon, a fugitive arsonist, is hiding here if the player is on the Quest: Fading Moon's Bounty.

Tomb of the Masses

The Imperial City's numberless poor can't afford to construct individual tombs, so instead they are interred in a huge mausoleum set aside for them. The player meets three ghosts here that can be laid to rest in the quest The First Gravedigger.

The Pagoda

This beautiful tomb conceals a secret tunnel that leads to the Lotus Assassin Fortress. This path is open only after the player has gained the approval of a Lotus Assassin recruiter in the imperial city.

Tomb of the Forgotten Scholar

The player finds Man Wen Zhi and his daughter here in this shadowy underground chamber. Speaking with him starts the quest the Scientist.

Tomb of Ji Xin

Ji Xin was an extremely corrupt nobleman in life, and his greed and dishonesty followed him to the grave in the form of a curse. His decomposing mummy stalks the tomb and slays all who enter.

Tomb of the Dignified Collector

The largest tomb in the Necropolis belongs to one of the city's wealthiest families. It is crawling with mummies and powerful ghosts guarding valuable gems and other treasures. This tomb can only be entered while the quest Jinlin is activated.



Region Necropolis