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"Oh you... you are a friend of Dawn Star, right? I'm looking for her."
–Mrs. Jong, spoken to the Player

Mrs. Jong was a resident of Two Rivers and was the mother of Jong Jin. She met with Dawn Star and the Player on the beach after the bandit attack.

Ghost of a Son[]

"Some spirits return because of trauma, to rectify something that disturbed them in life or death. They are very focused. Then the pain is gone, they find rest."
–Dawn Star

Mrs. Jong's only son, Jong Jin, drowned a year ago when the watercraft he was aboard came loose from the pier. Mrs. Jong had tied the vessel and the boy's death was an accident. Dawn Star, who was sensitive to the Spirit World, saw Jin's ghost and told Mrs. Jong. Distraught, Mrs. Jong accused Dawn Star of calling up spirits.

"Jin's spirit told his mother the accident wasn't her fault. Now he wanders, unconnected to this world and unable to pass to the next".
–Dawn Star

The night before the bandit attack, Mrs. Jong was visited by her son's ghost. Remembering Dawn Star's advice, she was not afraid and spoke with him. Mrs. Jong saw that Jin's ghost was peaceful, though a bit lost. The next day she apologized to Dawn Star for previously accusing her of summoning spirits.


After speaking with Dawn Star and the Player, Mrs. Jong left the beach. She was presumably killed in the attack on Two River's by Gao the Greater's flyers and the Lotus Assassins.

If the Player assisted the Water Dragon reclaim her powers, Jong Jin's spirit would no longer be lost and would go to the Underworld with his mother's ghost.


  • Mrs. Jong shares her model with one of Princess Lian's handmaidens.