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Artisans of the Jade Empire have long toyed with mechanical contrivances, but some of their creations now challenge the notion that flight is solely the domain of feathered creatures. The Marvelous Dragonfly can lift several passengers over incredible distances, outpacing the swiftest carts and runners. The ride is not gentle, but comfort is a minor point given the wonder of raising such a weight of metal into the air.

Most of the inventors behind these creations are, of course, quite mad, which may be an inevitable side effect of the celestial energies they are attempting to harness.

The Marvelous Dragonfly is a type of flyer that was developed by Kang. It is found in Gao the Greater's pirate hideout by the Player and used to travel to the Imperial City to persue Sun Li and his captors. It continued in use, ferrying the party back and forward between the Imperial City and Tien's Landing.

When the Player had found a way to the Imperial Palace, the Dragonfly was used to ferry the Player's party to the Palace and in the aftermath transport the party to Tien's Landing and then to the Temple of Dirge.

The Dragonfly was finally used to transport the party back to the Imperial Palace for the final battle with Sun Li. It's fate after the final battle is unknown.


Marvelous Dragonfly at the Temple of Dirge.jpg