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The Lotus Executioner Recruiter was tasked with determining which Lotus Assassins hopefuls might have a future in the ranks of the Executioners, the guild within the Assassins in charge of eliminating those who Death's Hand wished silenced. The Player, in order to gain entrance to the Lotus Assassin Fortress, allowed Silk Fox to spread rumours that the Player was interested in joining the Executioners.

Lotus Assassins Executioner Seal

The Recruiter met the Player in the Heart Of The Empire tavern in the Imperial Arena, and instructed the Player to impress him by besting the Silver Division and beating Iron Soldier, thereby proving his or her martial prowess. Once the Player accomplished this, the Recruiter gave them an Executioner Seal, which would allow them to open the secret door in the Necropolis that would lead to the Lotus Assassin Fortress, where, unbeknownst to the Assassins, the Player could search for the evidence proving theEmperor Sun Hai's guilt or innocence and bring the Assassins down from within.