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Grand Inquisitor Jia, a high ranking Lotus Assassin

"They're the Emperor's personal guardians. In the Imperial City, they watch everyone and everything, looking for those who would question the course of the Empire".
–Student Wen
"Don't talk about [the Lotus Assassins]. They have ears everywhere, even among the dead. The Emperor's secret assassins, they call them, as silent and mysterious as death... which is exactly what's in store for us if we keep talking about them!"
Gravedigger Shen

The Lotus Assassins are a paramilitary organization created by Emperor Sun Hai to enforce his will and carry out any of the more brutal tasks he deemed too important to be entrusted to the Imperial Army. The Lotus Assassins were staffed with fanatically loyal subordinates from the former Order of The Lotus who devoted their lives to the order and its leadership, especially Grand Inquisitor Jia , head of operations in the Imperial City, and Death's Hand, the overall head of the organization.

Inquisitor Lim

The Assassins were based in the Imperial City in the middle of the Necropolis. Their base of operations being the Tomb that had been reserved for Emperor Sun Hai until his assumption of immortality made a tomb unnecessary. From this base the Lotus Assassins enforced the will of the Emperor across the Jade Empire, often to brutal extreme.

Notable missions undertaken by the Lotus Assassins include the assassinations of the family of Sun Li - the Glorious Strategist, the subsequent two decade search for Sun Li as well as the razing of the town of Two Rivers when Sun Li was located and captured there, the search for a fragment of the Dragon Amulet at Tien's Landing, the search for “The Scourge of the South” their pseudonym for the Player character and the creation of the Golem Army via the killing of slaves.

There are two branches of Lotus Assassins, the Inquisitor and the Executioner. The Inquisitors are supposed to be more cunning and stealthy than the Executioners, while the Executioners are supposed to rely more on brute force and coming head on. Certain Inquisitors wear yellow clothing with different shoulder plates than Executioners, who wear the typical black clothing of the organization.

The Last Spirit Monk destroyed the Lotus Assassin Fortress in the Necropolis while uncovering evidence of Sun Hai's true role in their operations.

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