Lotus Acolyte Go Rin

"Vermin! I'll kill you all!"
-Go Rin, greeting some escaping slaves
Lotus Acolyte Go Rin is a lowly trainee stationed in the Lotus Assassins Fortress, working to prove her worth while serving as the operator of the Soul Extractor.


Go Rin joined the Lotus Assassins not long prior to the arrival of the last Spirit Monk to the Lotus Assassins Fortress. Her name is only given when the player has selected her character to engage in dialogue. As she is a mere Acolyte, Go Rin declines to say her name when asked; Acolytes have not yet proven themselves and are considered nameless.

Tasked with operating the Soul Extractor, Go Rin is plenty familiar with it. If asked about it, she recounts how it began to be used when the Assassins discovered graves buried deep beneath the Necropolis' surface that still had souls lingering near them. Old souls from long-dead persons proved unstable for powering the clay golems, however, and soon the practice of killing slaves was adopted instead. The golems need stable souls, and the more recent and painful the death is, the more reliable it will be. The Soul Extractor, Go Rin explains, meets those requirements well.

As the operator of the Soul Extractor, Go Rin has witnessed death many times. She much prefers it over the clay press that manufactures the golems, seeing that device as crude and ungainly, lacking the "elegance" of the Soul Extractor as it inflicts excruciating death on its victims.


  • In the event that the player chooses to free the slaves from their holding cells, they will have to get past Go Rin in order to escape. If the player approaches Go Rin directly and informs her that they are freeing the slaves, Go Rin will attack.
  • If, on the other hand, the player orders the slaves to attack Go Rin themselves to "earn [their] freedom", she will also die, but not before killing many of the escaping slaves.
  • If the player never tries to free any of the slaves, Go Rin will remain at her station, presumably dying when the Fortress collapses.