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Water that was dammed after the drought ended

"The Long Drought stands as one of the worst periods in Jade Empire's recent history. Ten years of scorching heat and little rainfall took their toll on even the prodigious reserves of the Empire's granaries. The sages predicted at least three more devastatingly dry years, while those in the Ministry of Harmony watched the death toll mount into the hundreds of thousands. Then Emperor Sun Hai declared that the drought was over, and somehow it was. Through the Emperor's divine will, green returned to our parched land, and stability was restored".
The Long Drought, scrollstand from Two Rivers School

The Long Drought was a decade long drought that almost caused the collapse the Jade Empire. While the player lies in Two Rivers School, Master Gujin, comments that, in the land he lived, they could have presenced the start of the corruption of the Jade Empire, speaking of how ghosts came down of the hills and started to attack everyone.

The drought became so bad that Emperor Sun Hai decided to invade Dirge and assault the Water Dragon by cutting her open and allowing the water to flow and "save" the Empire. Refusing to yield to natural disaster, his ailing body, his siblings' treachery or fate itself, Sun Hai seized power he was never meant to have and became a living god. Sun Hai's unbridled ambition carried a heavy price, however, and behind the scenes of renewed hope and prosperity dark rumors began to trouble the Empire.