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Legendary Strikes performed

Legendary Strike is a balanced style, using exclusively kicks. It's main failing is not that it does anything badly, but that it matches up badly in comparison to Leaping Tiger, the other balanced martial style. Also, unlike Leaping Tiger, your character will remain stationary throughout the attack animation, making it difficult to close the gap to your enemy quickly. Choosing this style is a matter of personal aesthetic preference, although it is hardly weak either.

Martial Arts School

Speed: High
Power: Medium
Defense: Low

Obtaining Style[]

Location #1 Two Rivers School - Beginning style for Lu the Prodigy and Wu the Lotus Blossom You can also choose it at character creation when creating a custom character.

Location #2 Great Southern Forest - Purchased from Spear Catches Leaf

Location #3 Any Location - Purchased from Zin Bu the Magical Abacus

In-Game Description[]

Many in the Jade Empire have heard of Legendary Strike, but few have actually seen it in action. Fewer still have mastered this martial style, but those who have are to be feared; their blows rain down too fast to block, and their kicks can quickly put an opponent out for good.


This style can complete a Harmonic Combo.


While the first two attacks in each combo are techniques standard to many real martial schools the straight leg kicks used in the third attack in each combo and in the power attack are less common, almost unique to Korean styles. The kick combinations used in this style closely resemble those taught in Korean styles such as Tang Soo Do, Sul Ki Do and Tae Kwon Do.