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Kia Min is a small framed female student at Master Li's Two Rivers School. She is known for her intricate hairstyle consisting of small knots tied with multiple ribbons. This hairstyle was a tribute to and likely reminder of her mother.

Kia Min is established as one of the more skilled students at Two Rivers. She specializes in group combat and is well versed in staff fighting. Her skills are apparently a match for the Player character since she had recently bested the Player's record for the most students defeated during a group sparring session before she was injured in the bandit attack.

She is given to early morning strolls by the seashore and was engaged in one such jaunt when bandits attacked Two Rivers. She was injured by cannon fire and, although the wound was not serious, tending to it forced Master Li to send Dawn Star and the Player on ahead to confront the bandits alone.

As part of the quest named after her, she later requests that the Player obtain a healing poultice, informing that Old Ming, an elder towns-person, might have knowledge of how the poultice could be made. The Player is inclined to perform this task since Smiling Mountain declares that further attempts to best Kia Min's group combat record must wait until her wound has healed enough to allow fighting.

There is indeed a poultice consisting of Red silk grass. However, Fen Do, the merchant reminds the Player both of the prohibitive expense of red silk grass and the existence of a much cheaper, though less effective, additive.

Kia Min fighting a Bandit

Resolution of this assignment has two important outcomes since beating Kia Min's record, however you choose to do it, gains you a training technique. Kia Min later fights to protect the town during its razing at the hands of Gao the Greater's thugs. How well she fights and if she survives is determined by if the Player chooses an Open Palm or Closed Fist approach to the poultice assignment.

It has been conjectured by some fans of the game that Kia Min might have been romantically involved with one of the local villagers and it was an early morning meeting between the two that had her out on the overlook when the bandit attack happens.

She is the niece of Merchant Kia Jong, who works a stand in the heart of the Lotus Assassin Fortress. If the Player successfully describes her to Kia Jong, the merchant is inclined to give the Player a discount on the price of goods purchased from him and a better price for goods sold to him.