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Kia Jong is a merchant who could be found selling his wares in the Lotus Assassin Fortress.

His niece, Kia Min, attended the school in Two Rivers along with the Last Spirit Monk.

The Player has the opportunity to inform Kia Jong of his niece's fate. Whether they followed the Way of the Open Palm or the Closed Fist sides of Kia Min's quest in the first chapter.

Should the Player tell him that Kia Min is dead and that the Lotus Assassins are responsible, Kia Jong will reply that he will let Kia Min's parents know, but that he will not hold a grudge against the Lotus Assassins nor will he discontinue his business with them, as the current dire times to not permit such things.

Note: This is the best merchant to sell items to, after he offers you a discount it also applies to items sold to him for example Aura Of Calm/Malice Gem you sell for 800 silver to other Merchants he buys for 880 silver,In the case of Gem Of Absolute Dedication he buys it for 5500 sliver instead of 5000 silver,So if you can hold on to your excess gems till you get access to him you end up far richer than if you sold to random Merchants.

- Closes Fist Method

Kia Jong can be killed if the Player has cleared the hall and killed the Mold masters. If yhe player threatens to kill Kia Jong by the "I could kill you" dialogue option he can kill him and his slaves or order his slaves to kill him and in advance gain some closed fist points.