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"You will not be champion! This is *my* arena!"

–Kai Lan to the Player

Kai Lan the Serpent is a powerful magician and retired Imperial champion. He is a prominent member of the Guild and runs their fixed gambling and illicit affairs in the Imperial Arena.


When Kai Lan failed to recruit Black Whirlwind as muscle, he turned his attention to Whirlwind's brother, Ox. Ox was drawn in to Kai Lan's words and promises and accepted his offer, alienating himself from his brother. Whirlwind left the Arena in disgust and Raging Ox became the new Arena Champion, and began fulfilling the duties Kai Lan gave him.

The rage he felt in losing his brother became too much for Whirlwind and he decided to confront Kai Lan about it. Having drunk himself into a stupor, Whirlwind found Kai Lan and attacked him, but his attack was intercepted by Ox. Staring at the bloody form of his brother, whom he believed to be dead, Whirlwind ran away into hiding.

Kai Lan, however, felt that Ox was too valuable an asset to lose. He retuned Ox's life to the living and bound him with a strange magic that made Ox seemingly so strong that normal attacks would not make him falter, but also bound him to Kai Lan's service. Dressing him in a new attire and a mysterious mask, Kai Lan kept Ox's real identity a secret and introduced him to the Arena as "The Ravager". In his new moniker, Ravager was a force to be reckoned with. His strength and resistance made him such an unstoppable force that he soon began nearly killing his opponents and he once again became champion.

Rise of a new Champion[]

Sometime later, the Last Spirit Monk participated in the Imperial Arena's fighting tournament. The Monk's rapid rise to the top caused considerable grief to Kai Lan, who was trying to assert himself higher in the Guild now that Gao the Greater had been killed. He would deliberately change rounds to test or halt the Monk's progress, but the young Monk came out on top and soon challenged the Ravager for the title. Kai Lan relented to the crowd's demands and the Monk defeated the Ravager. When Ravager's identity was revealed, Black Whirlwind killed his brother to put him out of his misery. Kai Lan exercised his right to challenge and he was either taken down by the Monk or Whirlwind.