Jong Jin was the son of Mrs. Jong and a resident of Two Rivers until his death.


Jong Jin drowned one year ago when the watercraft he was aboard came loose from the pier. His mother had tied the boat, but the incident was an accident. The boy's spirit knew this and wished to tell his mother that the accident wasn't her fault. He contacted Dawn Star, who was capable of seeing spirits and asked her to convey his message.

His mother would not listen to Dawn Star and eventually Jong Jin visited his mother himself. Jong Jin was able to tell his mother that he didn't blame her.

Unable to reach the underworld, Jong Jin's spirit wanders peacefully though with a sense of being lost.


If the Player freed the Water Dragon:

Jong Jin would finally be able to feel the pull to the underworld and find peace.

If the Player took the Water Dragon's power:

Jong Jin would continue to wander until, like all spirits who are lost for long periods of time, he went mad.
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