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"Don't worry, Songtao. I'm doing everything I can to prove you're innocent".

–Prefect Jitong

Prefect Jitong's duty is to ensure that convicted criminals in the city are sentenced appropriately.

The Prefect's Dilemma

He is struggling to proved Songtao's innocence in his current trial regarding slave traders.

Scholar Songtao

He has known Songtao for several years and is certain that he is innocent, but every time he sends someone to find proof, they mysteriously disappear. This leads him to believe that there are higher powers at work that are beyond his means to control.

Chandler Ling

The other man in his custody is Chandler Ling, suspected of slave trading. Jitong found a valuable knife in Ling's shop; a knife he had purposely entrusted to one of his men who has since gone missing.

A high ranking minister wants Chandler Ling released, thus convicting Scholar Songtao. Jitong will ask you to find proof of Ling's guilt, so Songtao can be freed. If you choose to accept, you will receive a quest called "The Slave Traders" (click the link for more information).

Possible Solutions

See The Slave Traders for Closed Fist and Open Palm solutions. The rewards are listed there, also.


  • Prefect Jitong is voiced by Sherman Howard
  • He shares his character model with scholar Dongow.
  • His robe is identical to the ones worn by scholar Songtao, Dongow and Purveyor Shouji.
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