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Jing Woo is your sparring partner during the tutorial battle that begins your quest. He's a serious student who doesn't waste a lot of time with idle chatter, so you wont get much information out of him.

Jing Woo final words

When the Player return to the school after Gao the Greater's men attacked, Jing Woo staggers into the practice arena and manages to tell the Player and Dawn Star that it was a group of warriors, who are later identified as beings Lotus Assassins, who were led by Grand Inquisitor Jia and Death's Hand and did all the damage, and that Gao's men only took on the villagers and students they left behind. After relaying this information, he dies.

In Chapter 6, when Su Li invades the Player character's dream, Jing Woo is one of the spirits who attacks you.