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"More blood to stain my hands. A badge of honor".

–Lotus Acolyte Jin Tao

Lotus Acolyte Jin Tao was a Lotus Assassin in-training. He with three other Lotus Acolytes, including Du Gah, were acolytes of Master Gang and they waited at the entrance of the Hall of Induction to test new recruits attempting to enter their Order.

Jin Tao was concerned that with the creation of the golem army the Lotus Assassins, including himself, were losing status. Because a new recruit took attention away from himself, Jin Tao was eager to kill any prospective acolytes before they could rise up in rank.

Encounters with a Spirit Monk

"If any of you [Lotus Acolytes] think you can beat me, step up now or stand aside".
–The Player, spoken to Lotus Acolytes Jin Tao and Du Gah

When the Player entered the Lotus Assassin Fortress, Jin Tao challenged the Player to prove his/her worth. He was given an order by Lotus Acolyte Du Gah to kill the Player and happily accepted. Jin Tao died by the Player's hands.