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"A Thought on Golems

Until recently, very little was known about golems; those few people skilled enough to craft golems keep their secrets carefully. Powerful and deadly foes, golems are feared throughout the Empire. Though their workings remain a mystery, there are several useful characteristics worth noting about these formidable opponents. These man-made beasts are immune to most types of magic. Their solid exteriors are best attacked with equally strong forces. Weapons and strength are the best ways to defeat these dangerous adversaries".
Jade Empire Bestiary, Volume 2, scrollstand located within the Lotus Assassin Fortress, in the Golem Press Room.

The Jade Golem, is one of the biggest foes one encounters in the game. It is first encountered in the Lotus Assassin Fortress. Once vanquished for the first time, the Player is awarded with the Jade Golem transformation style, the best and the most fearsome ability of the Player in the game.

Dwarfing most of the other creatures and characters in the game, the Jade Golem is a formidable opponent and once received, a formidable style.

The Jade Golem transformation style, comes with all the advantages, very high damage, most immunities in game, like martial styles, magic styles and support styles. It is only vulnerable to focus enabled abilities like the weapon styles and demons or Clay Golems. The Jade Golem transformation style is very good way to decimate tough opponents very quickly. Only beware of fast wielding weapon style using opponents, when in this form.


Immune to support styles, magic styles and martial styles.

Jade Golem Style


The Player can obtain the style in Lotus Assassin Fortress after defeating a Jade Golem.

In-Game Description

This style imbues the martial artist with the power and form of the towering Jade Golem. Powerful and terrifying, the Jade Golem mauls foes with brutal strikes and inhuman cunning, and the form's complete immunity to magic and martial styles makes it the perfect tactic when facing deadly sorcerers and certain demons.

Special Attack Effects

Power Attack - A big swing of your axe.

Area Attack - More swinging of the axes.


  • Drains Chi, removes negative effects (such as slow or paralysis), grants immunity to support and magic styles.
  • The Jade Golem is hands-down the most powerful transformation style in the game, if not the most powerful style of all. Even without upgrading it, the style is packs a wallop when first acquired; sinking some points into it makes the player nigh-unstoppable as long as their chi reserves hold. Like Dual Axes, the only real drawback to Jade Golem is that the attack speed is a bit slow, leaving the player open to assault and interruption. However, since the Player also gains the durability of a Jade Golem, this is rarely much of a problem.