Jade Empire is the original game in the franchise.

Named as an "Original Xbox" game by Microsoft, Jade Empire is available for download on Xbox 360's Xbox Live service (since July 21, 2008). It costed 1200 Microsoft Points (no longer exist), now it costs $15. The Xbox version of Jade Empire received positive reviews from most critics. It has a 89% approval from Metacritic, on 84 reviews. Jade Empire has received an extremely good 9.9 score from IGN.


Like Bioware's KOTOR series, Jade Empire allows the Player to choose their gender, abilites, styles and alignment. Players can choose a male or female warrior, the default males are:

Furious Ming (the tattoed, shirtless fighter)

Lu the Prodigy (a balanced fighter with a stocky build)

Tiger Shen (a large and powerful man)

The female characters are:

Radiant Jen Zi (a fast,young woman)

Scholar Ling (a magic type)

Wu the Lotus Blossom (a balanced character)

Bonus character:

Monk Zeng (bold, magic user) is a male character only available in the Jade Empire Limited Edition and Jade Empire Special Edition.

The combat mainly involves many styles of martial arts that have diffrent effects on the player and the opponent (for example the Thousand Cuts style is a fast style but is less damaging). Players are also given Weapon styles that can only be used if the player has enough focus.


Jade Empire allows players to form relationships with fellow companions in your party. The game also gives you the option of romancing the same sex. Male characters can romance Dawn Star, Silk Fox or Sky while female characters can romance Sky or Silk Fox.

If the male character has been spending time with both Dawn star and Silk Fox then the player can romance both.


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