Jade Empire is stretching from the quiet, rich lands of the Golden Delta to the bustling coastal trade cities of the Prosperous East, the Jade Empire has been a beacon of light and culture for centuries. More than a dozen dynasties have ruled since it was founded under the leadership of Emperor Sagacious Tien and each has been more glorious than its predecessor. Not that the land is always peaceful, but the current Emperor, Emperor Sun Hai, has turned turmoil to harmony in the eyes of his people.


The Empire is divided into four massive provinces. The Golden Delta in the south, which include communities like Two Rivers, is mostly agricultural. To the North holds the Seat of Heaven, which holds the Imperial City. In the Prosperous East, there are port cities like Phoenix Gate. To the West lie the Hills of the Six Holy Scrolls. Presumably, this is where Dirge is located.




Jade Empire World

Jade Empire World