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Iron Soldier was a former Silver Division Champion in the Imperial Arena, and a hardened veteran of the Imperial Army before then.


As his name would suggest, Iron Soldier once served in the ranks of the Imperial Army. At some point in his service, a Lotus Assassin ordered him to wipe out a village. Iron Soldier refused and assaulted the Lotus Assassin, striking him in the face. The Assassin demanded that Iron Soldier be executed for his crime, but General Stone Kao intervened. The General was able to spare Iron Soldier's life, and Soldier was thrown out of the Imperial Army with a dishonourable discharge instead.

Iron Soldier moved to the Imperial City and became an accomplished fighter in the Arena, but he never forgot the way General Stone Kao had- in Soldier's eyes- wronged him. Iron Soldier grew deeply bitter and resentful over his expulsion from the Army and fell into the Way of the Closed Fist, over time becoming a ruthless and cruel individual- an ironic fate for a man who had once refused to massacre a village.

Soldier's Offer

"If you think defeating Khana impresses me, you're wrong. Now, poisoning her and watching her die painfully on the arena floor while you ride to an easy victory? That impresses me".
–Iron Soldier, if the Player poisoned Crimson Khana

If the Player poisoned Crimson Khana, Iron Soldier offered the Player a deal. He agreed to throw the Silver Division championship bout if the Player took care of his old enemy, General Stone Kao.

If you wrest the title away from him, you can get an invitation to join the Lotus Assassins.